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Peer Support Training Program for the Law Enforcement Officer

Peer support is a process whereby coworkers, who are trained to recognize various symptoms and problems, assist their fellow officers through listening, understanding, and providing appropriate referrals when necessary. Peer support programs are preventative and serve as early detection mechanisms to help officers deal with their personal problems before they become more serious.

Peer support programs are popular and successful because many officers are more willing to trust and confide in a fellow officer. Peer support helps reduce the daily stress of law enforcement work. It can also alleviate the emotional impact of critical incidents, and can prevent the build up of anger, frustration, and despair that often lead to alcohol abuse, domestic violence, depression, and suicide.


For 15 years PSTI trained Peer Support Officers for the New York City Police Department. Participants have been trained in techniques of peer support as outlined in the IACP Psychological Services guidelines. To date, our institute has trained hundreds of officers, who have had a significant effect in helping their fellow officers, and have, in fact, saved lives.

The curriculum will cover each of the following topics and problem areas:

  • · Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • · Techniques of Relating, Listening, and Responding
  • · The Harmful Consequences of Stress
  • · Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • · Alcohol Abuse and Other Compulsive Behaviors
  • · Depression
  • · Critical Incident Stress
  • · Post traumatic Stress Disorder
  • · Grief and Bereavement
  • · Preventing Suicide
  • · Stress Management

You will also learn:

  • · How to Make Referrals to appropriate mental health clinicians
  • · How to Develop a Peer Support Program in your department

For information about starting a program in your department,

contact Dr. Ronnie Hirsh at 212.995.0969

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