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Providing Specialized  Peer Support Training Programs for Police Officers and other Public Safety Personnel Since 1990.

 The Peer Support Training Institute seeks to help police officers and other public safety personnel reduce stress and diminish the negative emotional effects of this occupation. Through the use of peer support, many departments have reduced the rate  of police officer suicide and increased the level of acceptance for  mental health services among their employees.

The Peer Support Training Institute  is operated by Manhattan  Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates, LLC, a partnership of licensed psychotherapists and educators.

The Peer Support Training Institute was formally established in 1995. Over the years, we have trained many police  officers in the skills of police peer support. A majority of our training has been for members of the NYPD. We have provided training for the Calgary Police Service and our training materials have been used by the Hong Kong Police Department, Connecticut State Police and several other small departments.

You can contact us by telephone at (212) 477-8050 or by clicking HERE to E-mail us.


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